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End-to-end support across the entire transaction reporting lifecycle, across all global regimes.

Transaction Reporting


Of reporting frameworks for all global regimes and rewrite rules.


Of existing activity to ensure completeness and accuracy.


Review and rectify any issues identified in reporting.


Help you create highly controlled, cost-effective reporting functions.


Ensure any missed trades are reported to the regulator.

Pre-trade Submission

Identify and resolve errors before submission to the regulator.

Post-trade Submission

Determine where errors may exist across historic submissions.

Full Reconciliation

Of all trades to source systems, we are the only firm who offer this service.

Professional Transaction Reporting Services

We do more transaction reporting work than any other firm.


We have a dedicated team who work exclusively in this area, ready to support on your thematic projects and requirements.

Managed Transaction Reporting Services

If your firm is struggling to meet the regulators requirements, Novatus Global is your solution to ensuring the breadth and depth of reporting is covered in a cost-effective manner.

Our managed services mean we share your BaU burden, helping you manage costs whilst accessing the capacity and skills you need to remain compliant.

Transaction Reporting Assurance

Ensure complete, accurate, and timely reporting.

Enabled by Technology

The Novatus Transaction Reporting Assurance Platform (TRA software) covers 100% of fields and trades, to guarantee your programme is complete, accurate and timely.

Transaction Reporting Assurance

Ensure complete, accurate, and timely reporting.

  • We delivered comprehensive transaction reporting remediation programmes across MiFID II and EMIR, ensuring all elements of the regulation are compliant.

  • We deliver a full suite of reporting assurance through our proprietary TRA tool.

  • Our team is currently supporting the delivery of EMIR REFIT, including analysis and programme management in line with the new rules.

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