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  • Who it affects

    Firms dealing in OTC derivatives must report transactions to an Australian Trade Repository within T+1

    In scope firms

    Australian registered, formed or incorporated firms. Foreign subsidiaries of Australian Financial Service Licensees

  • Who it affects

    Introduces new measures for the supervision of EU Central Security Depositories (CSDs) 

    In scope firms

    All European CSDs and market operators in context of settlement

  • Who it affects

    Firms trading OTC Derivatives must report swaps to the CFTC

    In scope firms

    All Swaps Dealers and Major Swap Participants who trade in the US

  • Who it affects

    Firms are required to report all derivatives within T+1 to a Trade Repository

    In scope firms

    All EU derivatives market participants including non-FS counterparties

  • Who it affects

    Reporting for financial institutions that operate in Singapore

    In scope firms

    All financial institutions who trade in Singapore

  • Who it affects

    All eligible trades are required to be reported to the relevant NCA within T+1

    In scope firms

    All MiFID investment firms who execute trades in financial instruments

  • Who it affects

    All SFTs are required to be reported to a recognised TR

    In scope firms

    All UK counterparties and UK branches of third country CPs


Our market-leading technology solutions enable firms to meet their most complex regulatory obligations.


The TRA is the only software that performs a complete reconciliation tailored to all reporting regimes globally.

Novatus Transaction Reporting Assurance 


Total coverage

of all reporting regimes, fields, and tests

meaning only one system, one interface

Rapid results

readily available data

allowing immediate identification of any errors for remediation


via intuitive dynamic interface

seamlessly integrating into business operations


of underlying rulesets

giving you confidence in accuracy of results

Management information

flexible, customisable reporting

saving time and improving control

Trust the TRA to give you:


The TRA is easy to use and produces extremely high-quality insights and results to enable leaders to have greater control, providing the solution for your firm to meet complex global regulatory transaction reporting requirements.

Results are presented clearly through interactive dashboards, providing transparent management information and precise root-cause analysis. The software ensures the high levels of accuracy that are needed from the ever-changing risk and regulatory requirements.


We bring together tech experts with market-leading consultants and specialists in regulation and risk. Our diverse range of expertise helps us create solutions to complex regulatory and risk problems. We provide flexible reporting on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.


Our software is completely customisable, meaning you can control and manage all information, test logic, and data exports.


The TRA enables firms to solve their most complex challenges. It’s entirely cloud-based and can be accessed from any web-enabled device, equipped with high-security measures to ensure your account and reports are protected. The software/compliance management systems can consume data from all types of front office systems and is compliant with all key information security standards. Our test criteria is available across all reportable fields and is 100% compatible with any software.


Data automation enables us to cut out human error, thereby minimising any potential errors and improving overall accuracy, whilst reports are run remotely and can be accessed in a matter of minutes. 

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