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Helping you optimise the risk/reward return for your business.

Risk Management


Of customised frameworks, tolerance appetites, and strategies.


Of existing frameworks and calculations to ensure accuracy and appropriateness, including ICARA, ISSA and ORSA.


Minimise or optimise appropriate risks to enable effective business decisions and provide enhanced MI to senior management.


Create optimal operating models, comprehensive scenario & stress testing frameworks,

Professional Risk Services

Risk management is often seen as a cost centre rather than a way for firms to generate value. However, effective risk management adds considerable value to an organisation, extending beyond simply complying with regulatory obligations, and is essential to the success of your business.

We work directly with regulators and market peers, allow us to provide our clients with an alternative to resourcing Risk projects internally.

Managed Risk Services

Novatus supports firms in building outstanding risk functions that do not simply tick boxes, redefining what success looks like in the field of risk management.

You will be working with a team that includes ex CROs, Heads of Front Office Risk and Senior Risk Managers from industry. This practical experience ensures you are working with people that understand your challenges and can be trusted to give you the best advice.

Our managed risk services mean we share your BaU burden, helping you manage costs whilst accessing the capacity and skills you need to succeed.

Turn-Key ICARA

Simplify and streamline ICARA calculations

Novatus GRC

Digital Risk Management across all 3 lines of defense

Enabled by Technology

Our technology solutions are built to streamline and support

  • The team supported the client in developing its non-financial risk framework and implementing the necessary internal governance to deliver it.

  • We reviewed and enhanced the firm's risk framework, providing actionable outputs to ensure the client was able to improve its risk management.

  • Our experts developed the ICARA (internal capital and risk assessment) document to record capital holdings to offset against business risks.

Recent Examples of Work

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