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It is now more important than ever that Financial Institutions are operationally resilient, our solutions across Operational Resilience and Digital Operational Resilience will help you achieve this. ​

Operational Resilience​


Of all the necessary frameworks to be compliant Operational Resilience regulations, including the forthcoming DORA.


Holistic gap analysis of all business entities to identify any areas of weakness.


Ensure all processes are set to maintain operational resilience.


Create optimal operating models and the processes to maintain robust frameworks.

Managed Operational Resilience Services

Novatus Global’s work across assessment, programme implementation and ongoing resilience requirements is unparalleled.


Our managed services mean we share your BaU burden, helping you manage costs whilst accessing the capacity and skills you need to succeed and remain resilient at all times.

Professional Operational Resilience Services

We are market leaders in this field. Our specialists have worked with many clients across all industry sectors and contributed to industry bodies to ensure we have the most holistic market view possible when it comes to operational resilience. We deploy teams that contain both regulatory experts and industry veterans who will provide practical guidance to any programme. 

A Guide to Operational Resilience 

By March 2025, every firm affected by the regulation needs to be in a state of “full operational resilience” in the eyes of the regulators.


Working with us will allow you to benefit from the practical expertise and technical knowledge of our team, in contrast to generic reports provided by generalist consultants. Our team includes experts in front office risk, operational resilience, business continuity, and cyber security, with a track record of implementing global regulatory change programs.

Our guide sets out how firms can prepare for the deadline.

Our Approach to Digital Operational Resilience 

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is effective from January 2025, increasing the requirements of cybersecurity and third-party dependencirs of financial instutions.

We have made significant investments in this area, hiring top talent and developing proprietary technology solutions to support firms in their DORA requirements. Our approach and use of these technologies align with your key assessment criteria, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of all entities within your timeframes, with full traceability to underlying regulations.


Find out more about the our five stage approach.

  • Our team guided the client through all the necessary implementation requirements and internal policy changes ahead of the initial March 2022 deadline.

  • We worked with the client to assess and identify the needed frameworks to achieve Operational Resilience.

  • The Novatus team provided SME input to all the stages of the Operational Resilience Programme. Guiding the client through ensured outcomes that were compliant and proportional to the business and its peers.

Recent Examples of Work

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