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Novatus Compliance Management



of all compliance activity

meaning only one system, one interface 

Audit trail

of all documentation 

ensuring all records are accurate 


scheduled as you need 

preventing reporting deadlines being missed

Trust the NCM to give you:

What it is:

The NCM is designed to streamline and enhance your compliance and risk management programmes. The integrated software is continually tailored to your business, reflecting the changing risks/risk environment that you face. By collating the required tests, rationales, documentation, and most importantly test results in one easy to use place, you will have an effective one-stop-shop for compliance oversight and management


The NCM is a cloud-hosted web-based platform. The software is accessed through individual user accounts, with partitioning security in place that limits the access of sensitive information to specified individuals or groups. It has full import/export functionality, allowing you to download the activities performed, and bulk upload information, such as training attendees, with one click.

Centralised approach

Efficient review process

Reliable, consistent outcomes

Clear audit trail

Accessible history

Developed for financial services

How can technology support your compliance programme?

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