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of external disclosures

giving confidence your interpretations are correct


that all disclosures are made in full, ensuring

you meet regulatory requirements


of disclosures, using prescribed formats, titles and
public location to

provide investor transparency 


of key sustainable definitions

ensuring fair, clear and non-misleading information


of your activities 

with regulations, bodies, NCAs, and upcoming proposals


Check all SFDR disclosures for:



The solution checks:


  • Principal Adverse Impact Disclosure

  • Remuneration Disclosure

  • Sustainability Risk Policy

  • SFDR Website Disclosures, including negative disclosures

  • Article 8 Fund Pre-Contractual Disclosures

  • Article 9 Fund Pre-Contractual Disclosures

SFDR requires firms to correctly classify their products and ensure complete and accurate disclosures. Not doing this means regulatory breach at a minimum, as well as increased reputational and greenwashing risk. It can also lead to reduced distribution channels and investor flows.


The software assesses your firm’s public disclosures and policies at both entity and product level and provide a RAG assessment of findings, along with actionable insights. This means you can be comfortable knowing the consistency, accuracy and accessibility of your disclosures.


The software scrapes key data points from your firm’s public disclosures and policies at both entity and product level and is run independently from you, and therefore requires no resource whilst providing comprehensive oversight of your public SFDR disclosures.


The output is a RAG assessment of findings based on updated regulatory guidance and market practice, along with actionable insights. A consolidated report of findings will typically be issued within 3 days.


Should the assessment flag any areas of non-compliance or poor practice, our team can help support you with remediation and a comprehensive internal review to assess complete SFDR compliance .


Are failing to meet sustainability risk disclosure requirements


Do not yet have teams or processes in place to support PAI Reporting


Do not yet have requirements fully in place for compliance

Our research has found:

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